DALEVILLE — Virginia has several economic development agencies, and recently they’ve been crossing wires on technology innovation.

This can run the risk of inefficiency and mismanaging and wasting government resources, said Robby Demeria, deputy secretary of commerce and trade for technology. That’s why Demeria wants Virginia to create the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority to consolidate and streamline efforts at enhancing technology-based economic development in Virginia.

“People are all trying to do the right thing, but it’s fragmented,” Demeria told economic development officials and those working in the technology field at a gathering Wednesday in Botetourt County.

Legislators introduced a few bills to make this happen earlier this year, but none of them made it out of the General Assembly.

Demeria picked it up from there, touring the state to talk to economic development leaders, universities, innovators and others about how best to foster entrepreneurship.

The goal is to have the General Assembly consider legislation again next year.

“We are way overdue at fixing this problem,” Demeria said.

Demeria said Virginia is lagging behind other states on commercialization of research and technology innovation.

The authority will focus narrowly on helping Virginia grow new technology-based businesses and conduct research.

The authority also will touch on marketing and improving access to capital.

The Virginia Department of Commerce and Trade will release a report on its website Friday laying out details on the proposal.

It’s also an opportunity for the public to provide further input. The Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority is a working name, and Demeria is soliciting suggestions for what the authority should be called.

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