City of Danville

Recorded Sept. 2

» Christopher M. Robinson to Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority, 44.97 feet, lot 17, 683 Shelton St., $26,000.

» Victor L. Dorsett and Bernice H. Dorsett to Joseph H. Lee Jr. and Lisa L. Lee, lot four, section G, 723 Rosemary Lane, $103,500.

» Gloria S. Oliver (Gloria S. Wilson) to Teresa V. Turner, lot seven and partial lot eight, 1062 Halifax Road, no money transferred.

» Thomas James Peverll to Coleman B. Maddox Jr. and William J. Wellbank, lot 27, 830 Pine St., $23,368.86.

» Katherine Jeffress Bell and Cathy J. Daly to Bennie W. Sigmon, 0.248 feet, 320 Third Ave., $16,875.

» Cheryl A. London to Cheryl A. London, 50 feet, 138 Broad St., no money transferred.

Recorded Sept. 3

» Barbara A. Dameron to James Clark Dalgliesh and Rosario C. Dalgliesh, 70 feet, lot four, section G, 509 Northmont Blvd., $110,000.

» BKH Properties to MCB Properties VA, 152.37 feet, 1307 South Boston Road, $1,195,716.

» Thelma E. Williams to Brenda Shelton, lot 23, section F, 437 Lansbury Drive, Temple Terrace, no money transferred.

Recorded Sept. 4

» George C. Sieg and Hayley Sieg to Victoria M. Pinkerton and Cynthia M. Pinkerton, 172.77 feet, lot one B, 14 Dula St., $35,000.

» Virginia Housing Development Authority, 60 feet, lot 51, section B, 182 Dalton St., $46,000.

Raymond L. Paul and Linda P. Moore (Linda Gail Paul) to Raymond L. Paul, 107 Mockingbird Lane, no money transferred.

» Frederick L. Meder Jr., Laura D. Meder, Ann D. Garbett, William Patrick Stewart, Sylvia D. Stewart and Woebegone Enterprises to Woebegone Ventures, lot eight A, 925 Green St., no money transferred.

» Land Grab Inc. to Acacia Enterprises, 46 feet, 907 and 909 Green St., no money transferred.

Recorded Sept. 5

» NAP Coleman MarketPlace to Out Parcel Holdings, parcel one, 176 Holt Garrison Parkway, $500,000.

» NAP Coleman MarketPlace to Out Parcel Holdings, 176 Holt Garrison Parkway, no money transferred.

» The Bank of New York (The Bank of New York Trust Co.) and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to Stuart Kramer, lot three B, 424 Church Ave., $33,000.

» Kathy P. Hahn to Paul Pyron, parcel one: 158.2 feet, lots 66-71; parcel two: lots 72-75, 2880 Dodson Drive, $40,000.

» William Corbett Moseley to Sharon Leigh Taylor, lot 11, block A, 136 Charles Towne Drive, no money transferred.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded Aug. 25

» Stella Mae Hunt to Stella Mae Hunt and Joanna M. Hunt, 2.000 acres, Staunton River District, no money transferred.

» LNV Corp. to Scott A. Tompkins, lot 17, section two, Oakland Park Davis Drive, State Road 694 and Oakland Drive, State Road 1420, Pittsylvania County, $63,000.

Recorded Aug. 26

» Nancy T. Pritchett (Nancy T. Pritchett) to Mack A. Jennings, lot 46, 0.80 acre Douglas Drive, Green Acres II, Pittsylvania County, $10,000.

» Forrest L. Dodson and Michelle S. Dodson to David R. Mehalko, 117.78 acres and tract two, 34.160 acres, Strawberry Road, Chatham District, $125,000.

» Patricia W. Lowe, Randall L. Wallace, Cecil R. Wallace and Clara W. Wallace to Robert M. Pollok Jr. and Billie S. Pollok, 32.05 acres, Pittsylvania County, $35,800.

» Deon Oliver to Branch Banking and Trust Co., lot 146A, 1.599 acres, Heron Pointe Subdivision, Callands-Gretna District, $41,250.

» Berry Lee Hudgins II to Raymond J. Dabbs and Michelle M. Dabbs, tract D, 1.511 acres, Echols Farm Road, Pittsylvania County, $84,200.

» Tammy Lynne Ratliff (Tammy R. Childress) to Robert Nile Smith, lot B, 0.762 acre, Milton Highway, Pittsylvania County, $12,000.

» Shapiro Brown and William H. Zimmer Jr. to PHH Mortgage Corp. Housing and Urban Development, lot 13, High Street, Town of Hurt, $188,016.12.

» Elmer W. Terry and Elizabeth B. Terry to Jonathan M. Matthews, lot A, 0.615 acre and lot B, 0.485 acre, Moses Mill Road, Pittsylvania County, $52,000.

Recorded Aug. 27

» Timothy L. Haley, Jessica L. Haley (Jessica L. Fargis) to Melissa Weatherford (Melissa S. Weatherford) four parcels, Pittsylvania County, $70,000.

» J.D.A. Associates Inc. to Apostolos G. Grekos, lot 11, 1.115 acres, section one, Ripley Estate, Ripley Court, Pittsylvania County, $155,700.

» Judith A. Derrick to Joseph Alfred Matthews (heirs), 1.540 acres, State Road 732, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» George Howell Batts and Betsy High Batts to Scott West and Barbara J. West, tract B, 13.173 acres, Pittsylvania County, $44,500.

» Eagle Pointe Shores to Lora S. Ryan and Gerald K. Ryan, lot 154, 1.996 acres, Phase three, Eagle Pointe Shores Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $70,000.

» Mary Elizabeth Francis Griffith to Ryland Edward Hawker Jr., 0.846 acre, Mount Cross Road, Pittsylvania County, $155,000.

Recorded Aug. 28

» Kent Realty Co. Inc. to Aubrey Douglas Dalton Jr., 38.00 acres, 37.23 acres and 197.90 acres, State Route 638 and Waters of Reed Creek, Staunton River District, $477,750.

» James P. Kent Jr. and Gordon M. Kent to Aubrey Douglas Dalton Jr., various parcels and acres, Staunton River District, $389,550.

» Juanita F. Davis to Eric M. Gray, lot B, 0.46 acre, Highway 665, Callands-Gretna District, $103,000.

» Timothy Dallas Cooke to Sylvia C. Myers, lot 29, 30 and Northern ½ of lot 28, Peach Street, Town of Chatham, $85,000.

» Thomas G. Holdaway to Thomas G. Holdaway and Mill K. Holdaway, parcel one A one, 6.311 acres, Sugar Barbour Road, Tunstall District, no money transferred.

» Carlton Ray Minter to R. Andrew Davis and Jennifer K. Davis, 59.162 acres, Museville Road, Callands-Gretna District, $88,743.

» Elizabeth J. Gill (Elizabeth Barbour) to Denton Lyn Cook, various lots and acres, Highway 29, Pittsylvania County, $4,000.

» Verlyn D. Emswiler and Ruth S. Emswiler to Janette H. Lunsford, lot 24, Mount Hermon Circle, Pittsylvania County, $138,000.

» Virginia Housing Development Authority to AC Contractors of Virginia, lot two, State Road 612, Pittsylvania County, $20,000.

» Harold Jarvis and Pamela Jarvis to David T. Colbert Jr., lot five, 15.00 acres, Staunton River District, $136,000.

» David E. Wade Sr. and Deborah Lee Wade to David E. Wade Jr., tract A, 5.293 acres, State Road 855, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Nationstar Mortgage to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lot 22, Old Richmond Road, Pattie E. Smith Estate, Pittsylvania County, $10.

» Vickie Kay Strader (Vickie K. Reagan) and Elmer Mark Strader to Elmer Mark Strader and Vickie Kay Strader, lot three, 0.658 acre, State Highway 729, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded Aug. 29

» J.D.A. Inc. to Deborah M. Gauldin, lot 28, 0.403 acre, Ripley Estate, Pittsylvania County, $146,400.

» Michael E. Eanes, Jimmy R. Eanes and Frances B. Eanes to Michael Kenneth White and Mildred L. White, parcel A-three, 0.320 acre and parcel A-four, 0.328 acre, Pittsylvania County, $2,500.

» Doris Elaine Earles (Doris Elaine Triplett Earles) and Patricia Earles Prevette to Jean L. Graham, Robin M. Wright, Charlie A. Wright, Keith A. Moore, Stephanie B. Moore, Carolyn T. Pearman, Vickie C. Crosby, Charles R. Crosby III and John E. Coleman, 110 ¾ acres, Water Sandy Creek, Pittsylvania County, $34,683.33.

» Deborah F. Martin Manry (Deborah F. Martin) to Kenneth McBride and Jamie McBride, lot 27, 1.03024 acres, Ridge Road and lot 29A, 0.28 acre, Singletree Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $305,000.

» Moses Valentine to Sharon Valentine, lot one, State Road 744, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Michelle K. Brizendine to Ruper to V. Escalante, parcel two, lot 31 A, 1.6 acres, partly in Danville City, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» John Franklin ad Sue B. Franklin to David M. Ward and Aimee Rogers, lot 14, section A, Pittsylvania County, $245,000.

» Susan L. Younger and Boston M. Lambert to Nationstar Mortgage, lot 12, 5.06 acres, Highland Springs Estate Subdivision, Staunton River District, $126,400.

» Randy Morris Campbell and Jeanette R. Campbell to Kevin D. Smith and Robin D. Smith, lot three, 0.942 acre, State Road 876, Pittsylvania County, $306,000.

Recorded Sept. 2

» Gladota W. Bohannon to James Edward Bohannon, Cynthia B. Smith and Bruce Wayne Bohannon, lots two and three, subdivision one property of Patty Terry Smith, deceased, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» The Bank of New York Melon (The Bank of New York) to Bank of America, lot 22, 0.804 acre, Hill Creek Road, State Road 845, Pittsylvania County, $46,870.

» Bank of America to Purple Heart Homes Inc., lot 22, 0.804 acre, Hill Creek Road, State Road 845, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Leon Hartwell Haynes, Gary Lewis Matherly, Lori A. Matherly, Michael Scott Matherly Sr. and Stephanie H. Matherly to Gary Lewis Matherly, Michael Scott Matherly Sr. and Corey L. Matherly, lots one, two and three, State Route 818, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Eagle Pointe Shoes to Erin Dangher Loftis and Richard G. Dawson, lot 100, Eagle Pointe Shores Subdivision Phase two, Pittsylvania County, $59,900.

» Eagle Pointe Shoes to Michael R. Russo and Carolyn T. Russo, parcel F, 9.632 acres, Eagle Pointe Shores Subdivision Phase two, Pittsylvania County, $49,900.

» Eagle Pointe Shoes to Walter R. Wright, lot 175, 3.777 acres, Eagles Pointe Shoes Subdivision Phase three, Pittsylvania County, $33,900.

» Financial Freedom Senior Funding Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 19 and ½ lot 18, section one, Jasperwood Park, Staunton River District, $71,000.

» Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) to Lloyd F. Hall Jr. and Amber N. Hall, lot 19 and ½ lot 18, Jasperwood Park, $38,000.

» Leslie Steven Barbour and Pamela Arthur Barbour to Sean P. Barbour, 1.00 acre, Yorkshire Drive, Callands-Gretna District, no money transferred.

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