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Local attorney plans to run for judge

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Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 10:30 am

A local attorney plans to run for a vacant district court judge’s seat.

Wayne Hollowell always planned to run for judge but didn’t know the opportunity might present itself this early in his career.

“One of our district court judges, Stan Allen, has decided to run for a superior court seat that was vacated when Judge [Richard] Stone decided not to run,” Hollowell said. “So we have vacant seats.”

Allen confirmed he plans to run for Stone’s seat and said Stone plans to retire.

“I followed Judge Stone on the district court bench and now I hope to follow him on the superior court bench,” Allen said.

Hollowell said Allen, along with other judges and a large portion of the county’s bar suggested he run.

“It came as a very pleasant and unexpected shock,” Hollowell said. “It’s very awing. I’ve been doing this for six or seven years and to have that kind of support from your peers you really can’t put a price on it.”

Hollowell said law runs deep in his blood.

He grew up watching his grandfather serve as a district attorney, superior court judge and a U.S. attorney. His uncle and aunt both serve as attorneys.

“For a fear of being cliché its kind of in the family,” Hollowell said.

Hollowell said he’ll deal with many different issues being a district court judge.

“There’s a number of different matters that come before a district court judge that a district court judge has sole jurisdiction over,” Hollowell said.

He said this includes, all misdemeanors, initially, domestic cases, including child support, divorce and alimony, Department of Social Services cases and all civil cases.

“There are a lot of topics that a district court judge has to be familiar with,” Hollowell said.

He said his practice focuses on criminal and family law.

Hollowell specifically represents people on estate work, civil matters, breach of contracts, negligence and automobile accidents.

Hollowell said due to the responsibility of the job he struggled making a decision on whether or not to run.

“I believe that a district court judge has the ability to do more for the community than anyone else in the judicial system,” Hollowell said.

Hollowell said as judge he knows he needs to strive in his expertise of the law.

“People are looking to you to make that ruling, to make that judgment,” Hollowell said. “Every case that comes before the court, you can be assured that’s the most important thing that’s going on in that person’s life at the time, regardless of what it is.”

Hollowell also feels a judge needs to leave all personal feelings at the door.

“When you walk into the courtroom and you put on that black robe I think you put all those other things aside and your sole purpose when you walk in the courtroom is to find where the truth is,” Hollowell said.

Hollowell said as judge he wants cases heard quickly, though he believes the district court judges already ensure this happens.

“I think I have the personality, the demeanor and again the familiarity of the different aspects of a district court judge and the requirements to be a good candidate for that position,” Hollowell said.

Hollowell doesn’t think he has competition for the seat, at least right now.

Hollowell said he checked with as many people as possible and no one else said they planned to run, though he said some weren’t definitive in an answer.

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